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How To Contact Us  

Our telephone number is 310-399-7500. Our normal walk in business hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday. If anyone is in the office, your call is answered by a live person. If you get our voice mail, we are not here but can be contacted by pager through the voice mail system.

Many people hate voice mail and we don't blame them one bit because many voice mail systems are set up by well intentioned people who want you to hear a thousand choices when all you want to do is get in touch with someone; if we have done our job correctly, leaving a message and having us paged for an urgent issue should be easy.

Emergency contact, 6 days a week:

From one hour after sunset on Saturday and all day
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
and until Friday sunset
1-310-930-1470 or
*82 1-310-930-1470 from a phone that
might be Caller ID blocked
Bunnie's Cell Phone
1-310-319-8000PageNet numerical pager
(enter your phone number
including area code)
3232003381@pagenetmessage.net PageNet e-mail pager
(short e-mail message of
your emergency and
how to contact you)
Emergency contact for Friday night and Saturday:
Friday sunset to one hour after Saturday sunset
1-310-383-2869Temporary technician
on call cell phone
No cell phone calls or pages are accessible by Bunnie during the 25 hour period from sunset Friday night to one hour after sunset Saturday night.

Numerical pages or e-mail messages to the e-mail pager sent during this time can be left on the pager but will not be responded to during that 25 hour period.

Calls to the cell phone should be dialed *82 1-310-990-9559 so I can use the Caller ID to return a missed call.

PS Most voice mail systems are not horrible pieces of equipment, but they been programmed in a most frustrating manner. There is no "standard" way of programming a voice mail, so everyone just does their best and not every programmer is wonderful. Usually when you hate a voice mail and want to smash your handset into the countertop, it is because the programming was done poorly, not because the manufacturer made a piece of hardware that can't be made to work in a reasonably competent manner.

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