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Digital? Electronic? Analog? What Is It!?  

A digital phone system converts an incoming voice into an extremely fast series of 1s and 0s. Your digital phone converts that series of those digits back into the caller's voice. Additional digits sent tell the phone which lines should show as being on hold, which line should light up green because you are using to speak, caller id alphanumeric display, etc.

Samsung digital systems can operate two phones on a single pair of wires. Other manufacturers such as Toshiba and Northern Telecom can operate only one phone on a pair of wires, and Lucent systems such as Partner and Legend require two pairs of wire to operate one phone. In many older houses there are few pairs of wire and a Samsung digital system gives the ability to have more phones installed without adding new cable in hard to wire locations.

Digital phones have more clarity of voice than electronic phones and they have less interference from electrical power sources. Electronic phone systems have done a very credible job for many years and many of them will still be in place for decades. The vast majority of phone systems sold toady are digital as they incorporate so many useful features and the manufacturing cost is close to electronic systems.

Electronic phone systems vary, but generally they use one pair of wires for transmitting the voice, one pair of wires for transmitting the data to make individual lights blink for lines on hold, etc., and split the dc power to run the phone between the voice pair and the data pair. Some systems previous manufactured for Tie, Toshiba, Panasonic, Telrad, etc. needed three pairs of wire to make each phone operable. The AT&T Merlin system requires four pairs of wire for each proprietary telephone such as the Bis 10, the Merlin Classic 5 or Merlin Classic 34 button phones.

AAnalog telephones are the kind most often found in the home. These phones have no intercom capability unless hooked up to a phone system. Analog phones ring using the power supplied by the local phone company while "system" phones ring from the power supplied by the phone system. Power for speaking capability on analog phones is 48 volts DC from the phone company and ringing capability is from 105 volts AC, 30 cycles per second. Analog phones can be used on many electronic and digital phone systems as the equipment was designed to have analog phone circuits in addition to the electronic or digital phone circuits.

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