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We ask you questions? Any salesperson can ask you "How many lines, how many phones? My system is the best thing since sliced bread. Sign here." The system you buy this week should fit your needs now and for a period of time to come, but maybe not five years from now. Maybe you have only $1000 to spare for a phone system to start your company but hope to have twenty employees next year.

Maybe you buy the least expensive equipment that will get you up and running knowing that you will trade it in if six months if your business is as successful as you hope to be. Maybe you are in the same position as my retired podiatrist; he had a two line phone system for thirty five years and was going to retire in five years. He needed new phones but didn't have any need whatsoever for a fancy system with potential growth so we sold him the smallest system with two lines and intercom.

Maybe you start with new digital phones and a small control unit that has moderate growth potential. You can always keep using the same phones and trade in the small control unit for a larger one if you grow in that one office or maybe you open another office with another small control unit and take some of the people and some of the phones to the new office.

Maybe you don't need to buy a phone system at all, maybe you are going to do a six month project and would be better off renting a system and then turning it in at the end of your project. One of our customers rents an extra office occasionally, hires temporary staff, and installs a rental system. One to three months later, the crush is over, the office is vacated, and the phone system returned. It is far less expensive than buying a brand new system equipped for the maximum size they need for only a month here and there.

Maybe you could use DID lines. These are lines that are used to route a specific seven digit number to a person's phone instead of going through a company receptionist. Maybe you should have six lines for the number advertised in the yellow pages and have ten DID lines that will prove capable of routing calls to thirty people as everyone will not be on the phone at the same time. Maybe you want every call to go through the operator and are glad we explained the possibility of DID lines but don't want to use that service.

Maybe you call up knowing exactly what you want to buy. Just tell us how to get it to you and what method of payment you prefer. We don't try to sell you something else when what you want to buy is already printed on your equipment price request.

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