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Samsung manufactures their digital phone systems with surface mount technology. Small, light weight components are computer soldered to the surface of a printed circuit board. Older production methods required the drilling of holes in circuit boards, insertion of larger components, and running the board through a bulk solder machine. This method was not nearly as reliable as cold solder joints and other problems occurred that do not happen now with micro solder surface mount technology.

All Samsung digital phones except the seven button models have a magnetic relay inside the phone instead of a hook switch. These phones will never experience the hook switch problems that killed so many phones just past warranty. And, in case a hook switch should ever die, the component is a plug in module that can be field replaceable; in four years we have never needed to replace even one.

In the past, Samsung did have a serious quality control problem with the handsets on their electronic phones such as the 816. Three separate times a different problem occurred that made the handsets seem fine when shipped from the factory, work well for a period of time and then die.

Now, all handsets come with the receivers and transmitters soldered in place, no screws, no push on connectors, and most importantly, no more dead handsets. People who loved their electronic Samsung phone systems became extremely frustrated with bad handsets. Samsung introduced a handset exchange program and will still repair all handsets past the warranty period at no charge other than return shipping.

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