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Used Phone Systems  

All used phone systems in stock carry a warranty. Some desperately priced old equipment has a 30 day warranty. Most systems have at least a six month warranty, and digital systems carry a one year warranty as if new.

Digital Systems in Stock

  1. Northern Telecom Digital 0x32 type system with 25 of the 7310 black display speakerphones.
    • This system was installed as 16 dial tones and 32 extensions.
    • This system can be installed with as few as 4 dial tones, can accommodate T-1 lines, ground start lines, DID (direct inward dial) lines, and more extensions in units of 16 extensions per expansion module.

    • M7324, M7310, and M7208 phones in various colors.

  2. Northern Telecom StarMail voice mail (can be used on any Northern Telecom Norstar digital system).
    • This 4 port StarTalk Voicemail allows any four people at a time to leave messages, pick up messages, or be transferred by auto attendant at any time. If you have ever wanted a Northern voice mail this is a superb bargain.

  3. All used Northern Telecom equipment carries a one year warranty as if brand new.

  4. Toshiba digital DK16, DK16e, DK 40 and DK424 equipment. These Toshiba units require only one pair of wire to run a telephone. Additional hardware is available to run any compatible voicemail.

  5. We have a selection of used 20 button and used 10 button phones in stock. The used phones are identical to current production phones and carry a one year warranty as if brand new.

Electronic Systems in Stock

  1. Merlin Plus cabinets. These systems have R2 software, the latest released before production was discontinued. The Merlin Plus system has four slots, two slots available for four dial tones each and two slots available for ten extensions each. Possible configurations are:
    • 4 dial tones, 10 extensions
    • 4 dial tones, 20 extensions
    • 8 dial tones, 10 extensions
    • 8 dial tones, 20 extensions

    These cabinets are Merlin Plus, NOT the old Merlin Classic cabinets that had frequent power supply problems.

  2. We also have Bis 10 phones, Bis 22 phones, Bis 22 display phones, etc. For anyone who does not know, BIS means Built In Speakerphone.

  3. Sanyo phone systems are manufacturer discontinued, but we have an inexpensive system that was very reliable and is equipped for six dial tones and sixteen extensions.

  4. Panasonic phone systems can use either proprietary Panasonic phones or analog phones. We usually have a couple of Panasonic electronic/analog systems in stock.

  5. We always have used Toshiba phones and control units in stock. Some of the Toshiba phones in stock are: EKT220x, EKT310x, EKT 6010BLF, EKT 6025H, EKT 6020SD, EKT6510H. 220x are the oldest phones of the Toshiba Strata system and yet they can be used on the newest digital system with the correct circuit card. EKT6500 series phones are still being manufactured and can be used on the old systems that originally had the 220x phones. In case you are wondering, the last digit of the EKT 210, EKT 310, and EKT 220 series referred to the year it was made. Toshiba abandoned this year branding over a decade ago.

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