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AllphoneWholesale is an application specific distributor of telephone equipment. We are an authorized Samsung dealer having been certified on all Samsung electronic phone systems, all Samsung digital phone systems and all Samsung voice mail systems. If a customer has a specific need that a Samsung phone system will not support, we will refer that customer to another dealer or sell another brand of equipment that will serve the requirements of that customer.

In 1987, one of our very happy Samsung digital customers was moving to a new larger location and they needed more phones and more dial tones than the largest Samsung system could accommodate at that time. We repurchased their Samsung phone system and installed a Northern Telecom Norstar system.

This company started three years earlier with an expandable Samsung digital phone system of six dial tones and ten phones. Due to excellent management and hardworking employees they grew to the point that the largest Samsung system made was not able to support their growth.

Instead of saying "Tough Luck" we took back their equipment, moved them to a Northern Telecom Norstar system large enough to cover their current growth and took care of a customer who had been very pleased with the quality of our equipment and with the installation service we gave them as they expanded.

Another Samsung customer grew to the maximum size of their Samsung electronic system and was adding a service bureau in their expanded space. One of the software requirements for this new business could not be met with the current Samsung software. The Northern Telecom Norstar could not meet the software requirement. Toshiba software could not meet the need. For a while we were stumped and then a Toshiba applications engineer found a way to "trick" the Toshiba software into doing this one requirement.

Toshiba had not designed the software to work that way, it was just lucky for the customer that it happened to work. That customer is very happy with their Toshiba. We couldn't find another phone system on the market that fit their exact needs within their price range. Instead of paying a fortune for a huge automatic call distribution computer system they are able to have a very profitable business with a phone system that meets their needs.

For the vast majority of customers, a Samsung digital phone system will do everything needed at a price lower than systems from other manufacturers. If you have fifteen stores with Toshiba phone systems and won't consider investigating any other brand because you want all of them to be identical, we will be intelligent enough to sell what you want without a hassle. If you want to add one Norstar phone to a thirty phone Norstar system, we will be happy to sell you the phone instead of insisting you should throw out the other system.

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